EU50196 project - Steel Electrochemical Analysis


Project brief description:

Causes for the stainless steel pipe welds leakage and the identification of potential problem welds, leak detection, before the formation.

Project task:

Avoid corrosion and related leaks stainless steel pipe welds.

Project results:

The causes for the stainless pipes leaks were detected. Possible measures to prevent and avoid problems and opportunities are identified. Damaged welds detecting method for a leak before the emergence has been issued by research institution according to the tests and appropriate guidence was issued.

Project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The cost of the project: 4 000 EUR.

Baltic Workboats and University of Tartu Institute of Technology co-operation was possible thanks to the EAS "Innovation and development unit" support measures.

The project 'Steel Electrochemical Analysis "funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Thank you EAS and the European Regional Development Fund.